Sunday, June 30, 2013

Taking a Step

I had this brilliant idea that I would go get myself a part-time job. I have been staying at home with my kids for a long time and I thought it would work out to go out and work for awhile.

The thing is, I am qualified to offer several services, including tutoring, coaching, and organizing/decluttering. I love to do all three of those things, but in order to do them, I have to find clients, and the whole "starting a small business" thing isn't really my forte.

So, I thought maybe retail would be the way to go. Three days in, I am not so sure. I have realized that this is pretty much an unskilled position, so I can certainly be hired to do it, but I do think maybe I am capable of more than is being asked of me here.

My goal was to get the opportunity to be in contact with more people. A natural introvert, I do love solitude, but even as an introvert, there can be too much solitude. Seems that making friends at this point in life is a bigger task than I have the resources for. Overcoming the extent of my solitude is looking like a mountain right now.

I sent one email to volunteer for a local organization, but they did not respond.

The mountain looks tall and imposing right now.


Ida Chiavaro said...

Hi Susan, nice to see you back again... Starting a new business from scratch is definitely a big step. I think your organising etc skills would be very much in demand by a lot of people, I know I could use some help there. I have a room set up in my home for my reflexology clients, and even though I see at most 6-10 clients a month for now, I think it is a great success... I really don't want to be 'busy'... The great part is the government tells me i don't earn enough to be taxed so it is considered a hobby, (no pesky tax paperwork for me yay) but it keeps me in contact with like minded people that need something I can offer...and puts a little spending money in my pocket... Retail work may be a little to unskilled for you, but it is the type of job you can leave at work and not stress about... (I've thought about doing jobs that I can wear overalls in lately because deciding what to wear is stressful for me)... taking a small step in any direction will eventually lead you to the right path :) all the best xo

Anonymous said...

Siouxie, I think it's a great idea and don't despair, something will turn up that works for you. It just takes time.

Funnily enough I sent out several emails to voluntary organisations when I arrived in Jakarta almost 2 years ago. I'm still waiting for an email back!!

Working behind a till is not a lot of fun but may be think about working part time in a book shop?

I can totally relate to everything that you've written here. Good luck in whatever you do Siouxie. Lottie xx