Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Quietness of a Quiet Day

My social media landscape over the past 24 hours has had fewer ringing bells and slide whistles going off. And I am bereft.

I have actually still interacted with many. There just haven't been new emails and Facebook notifications coming in as fast as I would like. Which could possibly mean that I like them a little too much.

So, I'm just going to enjoy the quiet for now. It's a good day for rest and relaxation anyway. And some offline reflection about some issues that need attention.

Quiet is actually a lovely state of being. One of my favorite times in nature was a solo experience I had along the shore of Lake Superior where I was on my own for two days, fasting, nothing but a journal, pen, sleeping bag, and flashlight with me. That peaceful time still feeds my soul.

Brings to mind lyrics from a Michael Card song:

In stillness and simplicity
In the silence of the heart I see
The mystery of eternity
Who lives inside of me


Anonymous said...

Quiet days are such a necessary element to the inner peace we all best friend used say its when our minds "batch" the thoughts & images that dance around so gracefully up there... when they settle,we feel free to move on...enjoy:)

Anonymous said...

As i still try to comment..i am not anonymous.. its estelle :)

Ann Karkoski said...

Susan, I love your reflections. It's interesting how sometimes we share the same space. I feel it too. In your post you give a solution, to be ok with the silence. And love the observation that you are silent when you saw this when you like it too much. Thanks for a wonderful post. Ann

Mona Karel said...

I enjoy your posts. Cherish the quiet, it's become all too rare!