Monday, August 18, 2008

Kids -- All That Energy and So Little Time

A few years back, dearest Val accidentally removed the tile wall from the shower. Totally not her fault. But, it required a major overhaul of the bathroom. At the time, one of the greatest ideas I had was to install a laundry chute, making the process of getting the clothes to the washing machine easier than you can imagine.

One of the things that I've noticed over the years is that my kids, from time to time, find the laundry chute entirely too difficult to use. Granted, you DO have to raise a door in order to place the clothes in the chute, and if you have a LOT of clothes, you might have to stuff them down with your foot.

I always love it when I go into the bathroom, just minding my own business, singing a little ditty, and go to get a washcloth out of the cabinet. And what do I spy? Dirty clothes sitting ON TOP of the laundry chute door. Did he/she not notice the door was closed? Was he/she too intent on getting back to the computer or tv? Does he/she feel it is not his/her job to lift the door and that should really be left to the parents who have nothing to do but clean up globs of diaper droppings?

The funny part is that I almost always know who did it because he or she was probably just asked to pick up the clothes in the family room, or do a sock search-and-rescue. I especially love it when the dirty socks are FLUNG into the cabinet, mingling their icky odors with my face washcloths.

Just another sweet family memory that we will no doubt laugh about when these children grow up and start bringing home fiancé(e)s and spouses and we sit around the table telling funny stories about the kids. Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Another innovation is a chute on the bathroom side with a door to retrieve on the laudry room side. Works great until my lovely husband spreads more "stuff" to yet another flat surface! Makes one understand uncondition love more readily.

SiouxsieQ said...

Ah, yes. Unconditional love. Always a great thing!

CharlieB said...

That "unconditional love" is one of the most challenging types of love we as humans have to learn because it is love that expects nothing in return. Yet, it is the most important for us to learn because it is a love that not only impacts others but also impacts our love of self.

SiouxsieQ said...

Yeah, I can honestly say that I finally understand what it means to look at my past without judging myself. Unconditionally accepting myself as I view situations that previously made me cringe -- it makes all the difference in the world.

Is it even love if it's conditional?

SiouxsieQ said...

CharlieB -- Welcome to my blog! I just reread this comment in your voice and it's even better. :-)

Greg said...

I really like being loved. Really a lot.