Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dear Bono,

As you probably know, Greg and I are meeting Stephanie and Mike at the 1st Chicago concert, although we are sitting in completely different parts of the stadium, mostly because Stephanie was pretty sure Mike would have a fit from which he would not recover if she spent as much as I did on the tickets.

Just want to let you know that it is true that I didn't really like U2 when your first song came out. Greg did -- he was and is on the cutting edge of art, but it took me a couple of years to get with the program.

One thing I like is that you were born the same year as I was, so I like to think we have some things in common. Maybe I'm NOT actually Irish, nor am I a poupillionaire, but I have been married to my honey for many years, and I have kids with biblical names.

Oh yeah, also I am not known world-wide at this point, but I do own a copy of the War album (vinyl, yeaaaa), which I am sure you do as well.

So when the random drawing is held for two ticketholders to come backstage and meet you, if you could have ANY influence on the selection, I think you would probably be awfully glad to meet me and Greg. Larry and Edge would too, but I'm not too sure about Adam. He seems kind of aloof, but he is a way cool bass player.

This will be the first time we have spent the night away from our five kids. We had times away from one kid, two kids, three kids, and four kids, but our little guy has some special needs so it's a little trickier to leave him with someone. However, it will work out just fine -- of this I am sure.

So, just wanted to let you know that we'll be off to your right, shaking our head in amazement that you guys have managed to stay together for all these years, and that you still make incredible music.

Looking forward to seeing you soon --



Bono said...

Dear Siouxsie,

It does sound like we have an awful lot in common. I'm sure you and Greg are really nice. But not Irish? hmmm. Are you activists? Do you wear black? sunglasses? write poetry? Own 10 houses? Sing not quite as well as Billy Ocean?

Just trying to find more common ground, Bono

(see you in September!)

Anonymous said...

Get out of my dream, Bono.

SiouxsieQ said...

So Anonymous, What's your deal?

Anonymous said...

"Get out of my dream, get into my car" is a line from a Billy Ocean song from way back when. Maybe also the title of the song. This was from before iPods, when I actually had to listen to the car radio. (gasp)

Stephanie M said...

I sometimes worry about anonymous commenters quoting Billy Ocean songs on my blog. I'm sorry its happened to you.

SiouxsieQ said...

Oh good grief. Now I get it. Stephanie, there is just never a dull moment with you around.

Mia said...

I love this post!
Have fun at the concert! I saw U2 in Cleveland in 2005... and I would definitely see them again!

SiouxsieQ said...

Mia, Good to see you here! Your little friend is doing very well! He only has 6 more days of school for this year. :-( He is learning sooo much.