Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hacking the Fridge

This is not our refrigerator. Ours, a mere three years young, sports some spiffy rust around the water dispenser, thanks to a sucko design by the Maytaggers.

So, I've once before taken part of the water dispenser apart, and sanded the rust off and painted it. But things are a little beyond that now. However, I noticed the other day while I was on the floor at Kepler's level looking up that the whole water thing was in dire need of cleaning. So, being the pioneer woman that I am, I took it all apart and vinegared it up and got it looking real shiny.

Putting it back together proved to be more difficult than taking it apart. Isn't that always the way. First of all, I was too lazy to pull the refrigerator out again and unplug it so my thumb got a shocking shock when I completed the circuit. Thanking God that I didn't get electrocuted and stupidly die, I got over my laziness and unplugged the appliance. I got it all back together, but the ice maker has a little problem now. The ice is made, and can even be crushed, but it will not come out of the chute no way, no how.

So, now I have a very clean water and ice "dispenser." One of these days I will have to take it apart and try again, but I don't know what I did wrong, so I'm not that motivated to take it all apart again. We recently got a notice that our refrigerator is possibly among those that catches on fire for no good reason, so I'm trusting that the guys that come to "fix" this problem will be willing to put the ice "dispenser" back to an "ice dispenser."


Anonymous said...

I'm also Thanking God you didn't stupidly die.


Stephanie M said...

Dear Fridge Hacker,

Never in a million years would I have enough energy to take apart a water dispenser, so I hardly think you're lazy!

No Fridge left behind either!

SiouxsieQ said...

Well, what would you have done to get it clean? It's got all these nooks and crannies that were crusted over with hard water deposits. Can't wait to hear your answer. :-)

Stephanie M said...

Power washer? Sprayed the whole thing down with a power washer full of vinegar. Yea, that's what I would have done.

Or maybe gotten a little electric toothbrush with some toilet bowl cleaner and cleaned it out that way?

I don't really clean, remember? I'm the person that just found out a couple months ago there was such a thing as resolve carpet cleaner. :) I miss you!!!

SiouxsieQ said...

Wish I would have thought of the power washer thing. I'm sure everything around the fridge could have benefited (benefitted?) as well.