Friday, May 22, 2009

Don't Worry, Residents of Tuscarora, It Wasn't an Earthquake!

It was just me, jogging!

I haven't exercised by jogging in, ahem, quite some time. Since I, uh, took a break from my weightlifting sesssions a couple months ago, I haven't really been exercising all that much, except, as you know, for the muscles involved in chewing up chips.

But today, I jogged. Pretty dern slow, I'll admit, but I was out there. And I stuck with it. My previous exercise du jour was what I call jwalking, which involved "interval" training of some steps jogging and some steps walking. But today I went all out. Jogged the whole way, even extending the finish line partway through.

Feels good.


Anonymous said...

you go girl!!


Stephanie M said...

I am in awe. I haven't even jwalked for awhile. I'm with you Siouxsie. I went to the doctor today and read on my chart the word obesity, and decided I hated that. I don't know why they have to use the O word. Why can't they just say heavier, husky, or healthily substantial? :(

Grégoire said...

good on you for jogging. when i'm pissed off, depressed or otherwise out of sorts, i find it a great way to *reset* my outlook on life and i'm much more focused on the days i run.

don't be self-conscious. i see people of all physical types running, and i'm sure the bigger people who run are much healthier than my thin friends who sit around smoking and drinking coffee all day.

SiouxsieQ said...

Stephanie, I saw your post on Yogates. You are looking so buff, girl. You remind me of like Jane Fonda in her hot days. Your doctor is OTL.

SiouxsieQ said...

Gregoire --
Thank you for such a kind comment. I do worry about really heavy people jogging because I don't see how their knees can take the pounding. But, I too find jogging or jwalking a great way to get my perspective back on track.