Monday, April 29, 2013

Y is for Yesterday

In honor of days gone by when children's literature and simple poetry were  part of every single day. Light and easy, today, folks, light and easy.


I found my box of rubber bands.
I’d lost them yesterday.
I’d moved them from a place I thought
I’d like for them to stay.

I found my missing bumbershoot.
My hair got wet with rain.
The sun came out, my hair was dry,
Before ‘twas found again.

I found my missing batteries,
My radio had died.
I missed the ballgame broadcast time
I sat right down and cried.

I found my other shoe. Oh boy,
My toes got cold without.
Just wearing socks and socks and socks
and socks to Hop about.

I found my keys, oh yes I did.
I feel so sheepish though.
I left them in the car you see,
And now poor car won’t go.

I found my brand new day today.
I thought it was all gone.
Huzzah! A new one everyday
Arising with the dawn.

With love,

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Deepa Iyer said...

Ah lovely post yet again! So true about letting bygones being bygones! Here's to a new today! Cheers

Anonymous said...

Memories. Must make new ones.
I don't write enough poetry and often they're a bit maudlin. Hmm.. Thanks, you've got me thinking again!

Rinelle Grey said...

I love these sorts if simple poems. Something innocent about them.

Rinelle Grey

lyndagrace said...

So many truths are held in this, not quite that simple, but breathlessly light and easy poem.

A brand new day everyday, who could ask for anything more?

Anne Mackle said...


Barbara White Daille said...

Just found your blog from A to Z. Love all the artwork, and we have the same word for the day.

I'll come back when I have more time to catch up and read. Good luck with Z!

Y is for Yesterday (quotes & motivation)
The Daille-y News

Rosanna C. Rogacion said...

Beautiful poem about things found, rediscovered. It touched me.

Anonymous said...

Sweet poem Siouxsie. Yes, I can't wait for X either!!

sherilee said...

Huzzah! That is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Jessica Peterson said...

I love the picture at the beginning of this post, so simple and beautiful. :)

Congrats on completing a-z. :)

Ida Chiavaro said...

Funny how fast yesterday turns into last week/month etc... Hope you have been well and your new found days are better than any you have had before :)