Saturday, March 10, 2012

Micros Business for Teens

I had the distinct privilege last evening of attending the Cincinnati premiere of the PBS special, Micro Business for Teens: Starting a Micro Business. My friend, Carol Topp, a CPA and mom of two homeschooled students, has written a three-book series by the same name, and was invited by the PBS station in Akron, Ohio, to make a PBS special about it. Press release

Carol did a fantastic job in her presentation and I am so happy for her success. There were multiple interviews with local families, some of whom I know, whose teens are running successful businesses. The entire presentation was very inspirational, and I came away with the MicroBusiness for Teens workbook, which looks to be a great resource for anyone wanting to start a micro business.

I even learned some things about why a recent business idea I had and ventured into, fizzled. Seems there is a bit of preparation necessary that I overlooked.

I've been watching Carol's progress for quite awhile. Her youngest daughter was in my eldest daughter's graduating class, so we have had plenty of opportunities to share time at meetings, on car trips, and socially. For more information on the books, and other resources about starting a micro business, visit her website: Micro Business for Teens.

Proud to say, "I knew her when."


Stephanie M said...

The concept sounds interesting!! Good for her!

Carol Topp CPA said...


Thank you for the very positive review! I'm so glad you liked the program and found it inspirational and helpful. The program was designed for teenagers, but as you saw many adults can learn something as well.

The program should be available to local PBS stations later in 2012.

Carol Topp, CPA