Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh, Pshaw, Part II

Well, one must be on one's toes in these days of apostasy.

At my FINE bank, when one makes a deposit, one is entitled to $100 of that deposit right now, but the rest of it only becomes available when thine deposited checks clear their bank of origin.

One would think that one would know this since one has banked at this bank for nigh only nine years. But one is not in the habit of double-crossing oneself and overdrawing one's account, now is one?

My FINE bank tellers did confirm in fact this morning that had I been a sly enough banking customer to have deposited ONE check yesterday and ONE check today, I would have indeed had $100 available yesterday and $100 available today, which adds up to $200, which is twice as much as the $100 that is available to me today since I alertly deposited all of the checks together.

So, NOW I know. In the meantime, Kepler better not need too many diaper changes today! And I guess it's beet pancakes for lunch too!

Never a dull moment.


Stephanie M said...

Beet pancakes sounds like a REALLY GREAT Scary Strange Recipe. You should enter that one into my contest AND win a $50 gift certificate to Amazon. As of right now, you would be the only entry and win by a landslide!!!! :)

SiouxsieQ said...

OK. I think you're right. It does sound like a pretty scary recipe. I'll jot down what I made and see if it wins the contest.